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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 14, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> very shocked. i would have never thought that could happen in this neighborhood. >> an international sex ring next door to her upscale apartment complex on the peninsula. our top story is new. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. a prostitution ring busted in the backyard of unsuspecting neighbors. no one could imagine what was happening inside the apartment. especially the neighbors tonight stunned by the brothel in their
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midst. live in south san francisco, it is the location that is the bombshell? >> reporter: jessica, that's right. it is surprising. a trader joe's across the street. behind me south san francisco b.a.r.t. station. about 100 yards from here, the apartment authorities say was operating as a brothel. a total of four people are now behind bars facing charges of pimping young women. agents from the state department of justice arrested two women and two men for operating what is described as a network of brothels in northern california. agents arrested three of the suspects in the sacramento area last night. a a fourth here at this well-kept south san francisco apartment complex >> he seems really nice. just hi and bye neighbor. i am sorry, i am just really shocked right now. >> this woman know tilsnoticed
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of at apartment was cracked open. >> i am completely shocked right now. i thought somebody just popped into the apartment. because we are next to b.a.r.t. the window was open and door open, somebody went in. >> in fact the department of justice several johns went in and took advantage of young women. many of the women smuggled from overseas. and rotated between the locations in the area and the capital. they have young women from out of the country, or east coast, boston/new york area into california. and every ten days or so rotating them out. >> the arrests after a five-month investigation by the state department of justice. neighbors say they are shocked that sex trafficking could be happening next door and no one took notice. >> sometimes i think people
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don't pay attention. kind of have blineders on. when it happens they're like, my gosh. >> everybody keeps to themselves. could be something going on next door. you would never know. i guess something was going on next door. nobody knew. >> reporter: we're told the young women found here last night are cared for by victims assistance program. the prostitution ring could be even larger. doj says more arrests could be on the way. live in south san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> vice president joe biden in the air f bay abay area. president obama just last week was in town for the same reason. raising money. tonight, san francisco. tomorrow, palo alto. bring in cheryl hurd from the city where the vice president was greeted by vocal protesters. cheryl? >> reporter: raj, the bay area
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seems to beep t the place for f rar raising. when the president or vice president comes to town they're met by protesters. >> security was tight in san francisco's exclusive sea cliff neighborhood. police prepared for the vice president's arrival. >> i'm sure mr. biden has to be treated carefully. still difficult when you can't get through to your own home. about 50 people who owe pose the keystone pipeline project were kept a few blocks away. they wanted joed by tine hear their mess j about protecting the environment. >> this is the fight of our generation. something that is going to affect everyone. >> the vice president's motorcade drove quickly past protesters heading straight to the private fund raisiser hoste by the ceo of a major company. the price to get in $500 to
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$10,000. >> i don't find it annoying. >> the vice president and mr. obama have been to the bay area numerous times to collect money for their party. the president staged three fundraisers in two states wednesday. it is no secret that the democrats are desperate to maintain power in the senate. and win seats back in congress. stow right now, money is imrtant. to help in the party's campaigning efforts. and even more important for the vice president who its rumored to be running for president in 2016. mr. biden is scheduled to leave the bay area sometime tomorrow. reporting live in san francisco, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. one of president obama's key bay area allies in the headlines. billionaire venture capitalist is the target of a stalker. the co-founder of sun microsystems filed a restraining order against the man after he showed up at the menlo park office.
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singh is demanding millions from him. last week, he hosted a fund-raising dinner for president obama at a sprawling home. >> the president nominated two openly gay men to ambassador positions. rufus gifford, ambassador to denmark. gifford rand fund-raising during the election. and nominated. james costos, ambassador to spain. a top fund raiser for the obama campaign. all of the president's nominations will require senate confirmation. >> update tonight on bryan stow. earlier this week we told you injured giants fan had to leave rehab because his insurance would no longer pay the builds. tonight hearing from the bakersville center where stow was staying. lost his ability to walk, talk and write after an attack outside of dodgers stadium in 2011. dr. mark ashley says stow was regaining some skills at his facility. most insurance companies will
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cult offoff -- cut off coverager intense therapy. >> tremendously unethical in my estimation we would knowingly withhold effective treatment from people for money. you would never see a woman with breast cancer treated this way. never say to the woman with breast cancer. let your husband take care of your treatment. >> stow is staying at his family's home. his family says his condition is weakening without therapy. >> a child predator caught in downtown san jose. arrest 2gthe 23-year-old near t san jose state scam pthe scacam. his violent intent was evidence based on deep vivice heed had s. the undercover agent acted as an
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11-year-old child, establishing a relationship with the man. it led to his arrest. people in richmond demanding police remove this boat, allegedly occupied by a registered sex offender. the boat's owner is 57-year-old donald olsen. taken into custody for failing to register where abuts required by the law as a sex offender. police say while they're getting pressure they have to go through the legal process to be enabled to move the boat. >> the funeral scheduled for the elevator operator. he died tuesday hit by an elevator counterweight. the service held next friday, a week from to day at saint raymond's church. at lev stadium, a tree will be planted creating a small memorial in his honor. much-needed rain in colorado is helping hundreds of firefighters
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gain ground against the state's most destructive fire. the fire claimed two lives, scorch 24d square mil scorched 24 square miles. evacuation orders were listed for residents who were given escorts to check on their property. the danger is far from over. >> well have seen before, the fires can aper to be under control. you get a strong wind. and then they blow back. all south of denver in the colorado springs area. the fire is 30% contained at this hour. >> a b.a.r.t. man may be packing clothe he's owns heading back to colombia. he got attention after accosting passengers in the buff, at the b.a.r.t. station. perez is an acrobat from colombia. according to a circus troupe he used to perform with. he is not a u.s. citizen and his visa is expired. he may be deported. san francisco's das office is
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considering what charges. immigration authorities. he is wearing a gps anklet. >> the california budget approved on time. that doesn't mean there is harmony in sacramento. >> the mayor of new york city and bay area striking a tech dechlt wh deal. >> the sharks want few see improvements to their tank. see what the team would look to see changes at the soon to be hp center.
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lawmakers in sacramento passed the budget a day early. deadline tomorrow. $96 billion budget will distribute education funding, expand health care coverage and lay the ground work for years of spending increases for social services. it was passed with a party line vote. >> the process isn't democratic. it's just simply done. by the democrats. that's what we object to. >> most of the bills have been out, in public for days. there are a few, the way it works, last minute negotiation. that, have only recently come in print. so if they want to come back tomorrow, we are happy to do that. i want to live by that. >> the budget is now being sent to governor brown who is expected to approve it. >> there is grumbling over news that the contractor for the new bay bridge will get $20 bound us if completed on time. state lawmakers say bonuses are
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included. safety should be the concern not on time performance. lawmakers are sending a letter outlining their concern. in light of problems with bolts and bridge materials. caltrans will decide whether the new span will open as planned on labor day weekend. meanwhile, maker of another note regarding the bay bridge. the light project. recent leap discovered hundred of light are malfunctioning. technicians know why. moisture is getting into the light. manufacturer of the special l.e.d. light show agreed to foot the bill to replace some of them. the work will start in ten days. meantime, the artist reprogrammed the display to work around the broken lights. >> he also reimagined the art work taking into account the new level of constraints that are there because some lights are in off position. >> organizer said the group plans to fully review the project in the fall which may require changing 25,000 lights. the project on display for two
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years. >> hp pavilion getting the new name. may not be all that is changing. mercky news, reporting, san jose shark official will begin talks about making improvements to the arena. no improvements talked about yet. new sharks coo says they want to focus on the interior. hp pavilion is 20 years old, sixth oldest in the nhl. next month expected to become sap center. >> special visitor in town. east meet west. together. new york city and the bay area, struck a high-tech deal today. nbc's business and tech reporter, scott budman was there with the most well-known mayor in america. >> the co-founder led ed lee and michael bloomberg through his company's headquarters for a cup of coffee and a chance to show
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the pay system that helped square. >> you want to be in a place that is fun, diverse. and challenging. >> two miles away, another startup. next door. is changing the name of its biggest conference room to new york city. celebrating the deal it just made to help new york's government network with its neighborhoods. it is the biggest score yet for next door. happy to have a presence in the big apple. >> a trailblazing city embraced technology. partnering is a step with their journey. they were using social media. this helps them take it to the next level. hopefully help us take things to the next level as well. off awe deals like the one with next door represent a thawing between the bay and new york. an add motion from both cities they scan work together. mayor bloomberg took on rumors that square's dorsey may someday want his job. >> i did hear jack that you were
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thinking about running for mayor, its that -- that scud be interesticould be . 140 character campaign speeches. six-second campaign videos. and, and your big pledge that everyone can pay their taxes using square. i think that would be great. >> talking politics and technology, it's clear the two coasts are coming together. scott budman, nbc bay area news. some nice jokes from the mayor. mayor bloomberg isn't done yet. delivering the commencement speech at stanford on sunday afternoon. >> how abut this? a gift to police looking for a credit card policeai maryland woman reported her card missing. the card was used the day before at the movie theater and photo booth. now police have some really good photographs of possible suspects. police made the pick schture pu hoping some one roys any or all
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of these teenagers. turn things over to rob and the forecast. >> forecast looking pretty good. as we go into tomorrow. and see a little cooldown as we kick off father's day weekend. sol cooling changes outside. 52, san francisco. 58, oakland. sea breeze starting to pick up. south wind into the north bay. 24-hour temperature change. reflecting cooling of the marine air, surging further inland. come tomorrow. so, onshore wind. not all that strong right now. they're going to be an all-day event tomorrow. which will keep our temperatures running cooler than the near 90s we had today. also good news in terms of fire danger. should see higher humidity levels. marine air. cooler air. pushed further inland during the day tomorrow. with the wind picking up. onshore wind. good news for air quality. moderate air quality levels for the coast, central bay. overall for this time of year. not all that bad. in terms of arp quality. satellite view. show you why high pressure will temporarily weaken a little bit. we have a system that will not
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bring us rain. it will encourage a stronger push. coastal low cloud. fog. this will be an all-weekend event here for areas around san francisco. down toward, half moon bay. santa cruz in the sunshine. monday, tuesday. sea breeze turns even stronger. cooler air. will surge further inland. highs, monday, tuesday. drop off more. low to mid 70s for highs. and then, high pressure comes back. temperatures, climbing as summer officially begins late next week. hour by hour, tomorrow morning. see the low cloud. sticking around west of the golden gate throughout the day. sunshine inland. we will see more low cloud. filling in once again as we head into the evening. out toward the coast. our high temperatures tomorrow. see the numbers. mid to upper 70s. mid 80s inland. down from the 90-degree temperatures we had today. now fast forward into sunday. see our numbers starting off about the same sunday morning. notice sunday afternoon. father's day. warm air temperatures here in the northeast bay valleys. mid to maybe upper 80s for a
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day. out toward fairfield, nap ta. monday, tuesday. see the temperatures drop off. sea breeze picks up again. weather wise. nice for the weeken. plan on a cloudy weekend for the coast. exempt for santa cruz. breezy at time. sunday. there comes the temperature drop. monday, tuesday. the highs in the lower 70s. for a come of duple of days. second half of the week. summer officially start fried o friday. on schedule. warming trend. close to the 90 next weekend. overall looks nice. in terms of the numbers for father's day weekend. raj, happy early father's day to you. thank you very much. looking forward to it. awe t max has surprises. >> bay area city ready to pass an anti-smoking ordnance. what is prompting walnut creek to make a lot of interesting changes. stay with us. ♪
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next tuesday, new laws to protect feel. if approved walnut creek would outlaw smoking in downtown, commercial areas, public events and city owned park and rec. indoor smoking banned in apartment billings except designated areas. they hope to raise their failing grade from the lung association when it comes to tobacco control. >> who wrote the story? >> read it. >> blame menopause on men. >> from an evolutionary standpoint. a new study says men's preference for younger women may have triggered menopause. the canadian study said men prefer younger women and older women stop being fertile.
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since they weren't producing children that led to women not being able to reproduce. until now you couldn't do anything abut men pause. you didn't know how it occurred. with the knowledge we may not be ma able to stop menopause. we may be able to delay it. back with sports in a moment. >> get up to the minute the minute you are up on today in the bay. see breaking news and stories from overnight. plan your day with early morning forecast. and navigate your commute with real-time traffic. watch "today in the bay."
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>> and trying to explain to jessica. the giants needed this onen a big way. >> uh-huh. >> huge. they have been up and downs. the as have been up and soaring. get to both in a second. we start with hoops. according to reports. brandon rush will be back with the warriors after exercising a player option for next season. he will make $4 million. rush played two games last year before tearing his acl. on to baseball. check in with giants. three-game set. atlanta. with the braves. going deep.
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fourth pitch. first leadoff. 1-0. giant early. that was all that madison bumgartner would need. two hits. strikes out 10. giants win. 6-0. struck out 21 braves. in two starts this year. >> trying to get the arm up. you know getting juit underneat the ball. pushing it. back on top. got more depth of the pitches. felt i had more life on the ball. command was better. all around. felt a lot belttter. >> as, 18 inning marathon thursday. sanders. doesn't handle properly. and coming around. gunned down at the plate. as miss a scoring chance there. top seven. tommy malone.
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and he drives to deep. overglove. mariners win by one. 3-2 the final score. i thought we were good. i didn't feel any difference. you know, we dent hit on the field. came out. first time out there. second round. 113th u.s. open. unbelievable moment. what in the world happened there. carl peterson's ball gets hit by a ball, drive from another fa fairway. mickelson. two round. tiger woods. led to a birdie. woods four back heading into the weekend. still much to be decided in the suburb ush of philly. 9:00 a.m. saturday u.s. open coverage.
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continue through sunday final round. raj, jessica. golf, first thing when you wake up. the way the world intended it to be. >> exactly. time to go shopping. we'll be right back. >> thank you. wow, the track looks perfect.
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now we just need guests. yeah, so they can race! hey! kachow! bellissimo! guido! our tires are a-flying! whooooaaaaaa little tractors, dance! they're here! it is time! there's high-octane fun for everyone at cars land. only at disney california adventure park. dontcha just love that new park smell?
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breaking news out of castro valley. police on the scene of a burglary led to a shooting. it happened at boulevard burgery. on castro valley boulevard. police aren't telling us who is shot. we are hearing reports there are two victims. we don't know the extent of the injuries. of course more on the morning show which begins tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. >> finally tonight as we head into the weekend, we go to the san francisco zoo. we are going to introduce you to boon who. >> big boy. >> who is being introduced to boon. >> a big boy.
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>> the san francisco 49ers lineman, alex boon came face to face with his equally fearsome namesake. >> san francisco named the black rhino after the lineman. the zoo held a naming sell braesell -- celebration with kids from the 49ers foundation. afterward boon got to see moon. >> not for a resemblance. it is a compliment. definitely an honor to have such a big, large, beautiful creature named after you. really, with there being so few in the world i think an honor. >> boon the football player, helped launch alex boon animal education project which helps at-risk youth visit the zoo. i don't know which one is more scared of the other. the rhino is staring at him. wow you are big. >> big, large creature. >> yes, goes both ways. >> head into the weekend. how are we looking? >> low cloud coming back. drizzle at times. san francisco, coast.
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pleasant. not as the hot as the bay area t today. >> thank you for joining us. have a great weekend. >> bye-bye. oh, enjoy your fathers day!
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